Stirring 50-minute multimedia presentations

including drawing a colorful 4x7 foot mural,
accompanied with inspiring music and special lighting effects.
Elementary and secondary students will love any of the eight timely themes.

Citizenship, Drug/Tobacco Education, Multicultural, or Excellence themes for K-12

Whether performing any of his eight energetic patriotic, multicultural, environmental or inspirational programs, Jacksonville, FL based artist/educator Cliff Beaman, has reached into the minds, hearts and emotions of his audience for more than tweny-five years.

His fifty-minute performances challenge and delight any elementary or secondary students who watch transfixed as Mr. Beaman creates his colorful mural to the beat of accompanying music and special lighting effects. Character education concepts appear throughout his
15-minute pep talk, the 4 x 7 foot art creation itself,
or the background music and narration in each
dynamic show.

Whether relating to citizenship, drug/tobacco education, multiculture, or excellence themes for your K-12 young people, Mr. Beaman's desire is and has been to use these art and music performances to reinforce positive messages to any audience. Choosing any one of Mr. Beaman's shows can augment your school's curriculum in positive and effective ways.

These performances provide educational enrichment for any school system in America.

Thirty five minutes later after starting from a blank canvas, artist and educator Cliff Beaman puts the final touches on the Statue of Liberty in his "America the Beautiful" multimedia program. The audience watches mesmerized as the music climaxes and special lighting effects make the 4 x 7 foot mural glow and history come alive.